mouse house mini art

Mouse House, how fun are these little characters.

I was recently asked to paint for a mouse house, a miniature portrait which lead me to revisit and experiment further with the mouse art theme.

As you will know if you read my blog or are a collector of my art, I am a very eclectic artist and Hope you like the quirkiness of this latest collection.

Ballerina Inspiration

This tiny mouse ballerina is inspired by my miece niece Clover. 🥰 This ballerina wouldn’t take off her boots either. @cloverandfriends11


This duo above are off to a collector in Malta, Rebecca is a long time collector of my art and is an amazing miniaturist. Find out more on her blog My Miniature World

There is also a My Fair Lady Mouse. And a couple I and calling “May I have this dance”; the lady in gree is The Countess of Cheddar and the framed piece is Queen Brie.

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