Artist Profile

Artist Profile Hazel Rayfield

I am a self taught artist with a passion for painting in encaustic wax, I live in Southend on Sea on the South East Coast of England where I have my studio.
I started painting many years ago as a past time, my very first painting was in oils and was of a cyclamen. Working with the oil paint gave me the texture I wanted but the smell of oils was too much for me and I quickly switched to painting in acrylics.

After a break of a few years I was given a set of water colours as a gift, this revived the painter in me, as a web / graphic designer I had still been using my creativity but in a digital format. I still occasionally doodle with my watercolours but my passion is in Encaustic painting.

I still work as an internet consultant and social media marketing consultant. I am currently building this website for myself, after my first site built 12 years ago was recently lost to a cyber attack. It happens to the best of us, but I’m rebuilding and this website will be updated and evolve over time.

Art In Wax Blog – rebuilding

To keep up to date with what’s new with me and Art In Wax, please check my blog , I am a very keen blogger! however my blog was hacked in 2023 and now I’m starting over.
My new blog will have information on what’s going on at Art In Wax, new paintings, commissions, exhibits plus I write articles on how I paint, including projects and demonstrations and about the tools and the techniques I use to create my pictures in hot wax.

Painting Dolls House Miniatures

In 2013 I was asked if I could paint some original paintings for a Georgian Dolls House I took the commission without a second thought!
The Dolls House owner, a local lady already owned a piece of my work and asked if I could paint some tiny pictures for her very large masian dolls’ house. She wanted 6 paintings to fit into frames 50mm x 40mm she had already purchased. I have painted eight in total so she has the choice and she had them all, I blogged about this and more commissions came and the rest is history as they say……. I now sell my miniatures and dolls house paintings worldwide. At the last count there are pieces of my Art In Wax in 25 different countries on 4 continents.

Discovering Encaustic

I discovered encaustic’s in 2010 having been shown a piece of artwork, the colour and the shine of this small abstract piece was unlike anything I had seen before, this lead me to research the art form and I knew this was something I had to try!
In early 2011 I created my first hot wax painting, I am a self taught artist and have experimented with different techniques, wax paints and surfaces developing my own way with the wax much of which can be seen on videos and reels on my social media accounts .

Art In Wax Featured …..
Over the years Art In Wax has been featured on blogs and in magazines, for example as featured in more recent Dolls House and Miniature Scene, 2020 The American Miniaturist and Dollhouse World in 2022

I have been a guest blogger for origanisations such as Fred Aldous Art Supplies and interviewed about painting in hot wax by Jackson Art and for March 2014 I am the “Artist of the Month” at the Southend Art Club.