Hand painted furniture new in 2023

2023 saw a new adventure for my art.

My new Miniature Hand painted furniture has been very popular in 2023 Each piece is a One of a kind, Hand painted Miniature Furniture Art.

An example is this Hand painted Art on Furniture Dollhouse Welsh dresser and hand painted plates. A shabby chic style this piece of unique 1:12th scale furniture has tiny plates I painted and then aged to give a beautiful compliment to the shabby chic style.

I have bought the wooden dresser, distressed it by rubbing down and adding gold wax then I painted my art, pretty rose style flowers on as a painted design in my Encaustic wax paints. 

This dresser is available to buy in my Etsy Store. The plates are included I painted them with my encaustic paint. They are paper plates I bought from an online miniature supplier. This is a very Unique original art furniture for a dollhouse collector.

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