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Dolls House and Miniature Art

My Etsy shop is my artist shop front and where I sell my paintings. I sell via direct contact too, so if you see something on social media or in my shop but you prefer to buy direct please get in touch.  

My shop ….. “Miniature and Collectible Dolls’ House Art by Hazel Rayfield”  can be found at 

I’m known in the mini world as an eclectic artist. All my art is original and varied because I love the challenge of new ideas, new inspirations, and seeing just what I can paint in encaustic hot wax !

I love painting landscape and as the seasons change autumn and winter landscapes, are some of my favourite subjects, I love painting the colourful pictures, skies of African sunsets, fields of poppies, tree of life, random subject too fairies and mermaids are fun.  My ballerinas are very popular as are my “Lady” paintings, both modern and period style and dressing room pieces with mannequins and fashion pieces including shoe art, handbags perfume bottles are some of my personal favourites. I get to paint fashion and dresses, so what’s not to love!

Why not take a look ……

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