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Fantasy Flowers : Online art exhibit by Hazel Rayfield

A new collection of my Encaustic Art, and very different online exhibit which has been inspired by a new pastime I discovered a few months ago and which I really enjoy. It is the creative drawing art form known as Zentangle. My own doodle tangles as I call them are loosely based on this type of drawing. A Zentangle originally was a drawing on a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch piece of card, I like to doodle patterns (tangles) in different shapes, by far my favourite being flowers and I have drawn many over the past few months, I find it relaxing and a way to be creative anywhere - where as with my Art In Wax I need to be in my studio.

Inspiration : Tangle meets Wax

This online exhibit shows where tangles meets wax. Inspired by my ink drawings a selection at the bottom of this page, I have painted this group of fantasy flowers using tangle patterns and had fun letting my imagination flow.

Each of the wax fantasy flower pieces has been painted on A3 size encaustic gloss card in encaustic hot wax, they do not fill an A3 card so I have cropped the photos for best display online, if you would like to buy one of these I can show a photograph at actual size.

I hope you like this new exhibit I have blogged about it here : www.artinwax.co.uk:/blog/exhibition-fantasy-flowers/ if you would like to leave a comment please do.

fantasy flower encaustic Painting fantasy flower encaustic Painting fantasy flower encaustic Painting fantasy flower encaustic Painting
fantasy flower zentangle ink drawings

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