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Sunsets : new exhibit by Hazel Rayfield

This is a new collection of hot wax paintings exhibiting here for 2014.

Each painting is created in encaustic wax. They are various sizes ranging from 16 x 11 inches to 8 x 6 inches. I thought it might be fun to experiment with lots of colour but have a change from my favorite floral subjects, we live by the sea and although the sunsets here in Southend are fantastic I have used my imagination in this collection of paintings which have an impressionist style and a lot of wax !!

If you would like to leave me a comment on this exhibit, please visit my blog where I have writen about this exhibition : Sunset By The Sea

Sunset Painting Sailing Sunset Painting Reeds Sunset Painting sail and surfSunset Painting Sailing boats and moored boat by shore

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