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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Unique Christmas Gifts :: Posted by: Hazel on December 4th, 2012

Something Special and Unique

It is always nice to give a gift that is special and nowadays there is so much choice when it comes to buying our family, friends and loved ones a present. How about thinking a bit different and giving some original Art.

So what about a change from socks and smellies!

I have bought many a pair of socks as a gift and loads of smellies and don’t get me wrong I really appreciate perfume, especially if its my favorite brands (are you reading this hubby!). But I also like to give something different too.

This year I have been buying Handmade and many of gifts under our Christmas tree will be of the Arts and Craft variety, I have had great fun shopping for unique and handmade presents in stores on and

I also know that will be several other Christmas tree that will have Art In Wax gifts under them as I have had great feedback from people who have recently bought gifts from me to give this Christmas.

Do you hesitate when thinking of Art as a gift?

Do you think “will they like it” or “where will they put it” maybe ?

Well “they may like it”, just the same as “they may like the jumper you choose or glass vase”.

“How will they display it” or “Where will they put it”, this can be more difficult, not everyone wants to be drilling walls to hang paintings, so what about a display stand or a free standing picture frame. This makes the artwork movable and as much an ornament as a piece of Art.
Christmas gift artist
Original Art doesn’t have to cost a fortune, nor do display stands and frames, which are easily available online from many retailers.

Unique Christmas Gifts

So what about some original art this Christmas, my paintings are created using Encaustic wax, they come either hard backed, these paintings work well either free standing on a display easel or stand or can be framed with or without glass or they are mounted and again can be framed with or without glass, as will all types of art it is important that the picture doesn’t touch the glass.

Why not visit the Art In Wax shop now and buy direct from the artist today – free UK P&P on all orders.

Artwork Provenance

Definition of provenance noun [mass noun] the place of origin or earliest known history of something:

[count noun] a record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality:

quoted via

Art provenance is the history of a piece of art / painting, and how it was created and the ownership thereof. So buying direct from the artist gives you the knowledge of where your piece of art has come from.

Direct from the Artist

All the Encaustic paintings in the shop here on Art In wax have been painted by me Hazel Rayfield, they come either hard backed with a self adhesive mount board or mounted depending on the painting you choose, and are cellophane wrapped.
Paintings signed or initial in the wax and signed and dated on the back of the mount. Each painting has an Art In Wax sticker on the back and comes with a leaflet which says this is an original piece of art and how to find out more about Art In wax and me the Artist.

Find out about Hazel Rayfield

The Art In Wax website has lots of pictures in the gallery together with information about my artwork, how I got started painting in wax. here on my blog there is lots of details on new paintings I am creating and new techniques and styles I am experimenting with.

If you give or are given an Art In Wax painting it can be a talking point too I am told. Many people have never seen an Encaustic picture before and are amazed that it is created using hot wax. They can even watch me paint using my heat tools and wax as I have several YouTube videos online of me doing just that : Painting in Hot Wax on YouTube.

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