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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

5 Reasons Why Art Can Make A Great Gift :: Posted by: Hazel on June 5th, 2013

5 Reasons Why Art Can Make A Great Gift Idea

A piece of Art may not always be the first thing we think of when choosing as a gift, but art can be a great gift idea for various types of occasion.

A Birthday, Wedding or Anniversary, maybe as a house warming present or a Retirement gift or just to say Thank you. Art has such a wide and varied array of forms there is something to suit everyone and can be great for giving to individuals but also great as a couple or family gift for all to enjoy.

Why Art as a Gift Idea

  • Art gifts suit many types of event, occasion, people and situations.
  • Art can be great for home décor, can be elegant and formal or just beautiful and fun!
  • A versatile present, artwork may be displayed in different ways, framed, mounted and or free standing.
  • Makes a great keep sake.
  • Pieces of Art, come in many medium and forms, so a vast amount of choice.

Painting to Sculpture : Textile to Photography – So Much Choice !

Art has many forms and means different things to different people, be it painting, sculpture, sewing, designing and creating in many forms and using a vast array of materials. Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Art Can Make A Great Gift

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Inspiration – Clematis :: Posted by: Hazel on May 29th, 2013

Nature is very inspiring

Bank Holiday Sunshine

It was a bank holiday here in England this week and the sunshine in Southend made it a lovely day, which showed off the clematis in our garden in all its glory, there are thousands of delicate pink blooms spanning about 12 feet as it climbs along the fence. I couldn’t resit taking a couple of photos …….

Inspired to paint

Then yesterday the rain came, so I thought I would have a day painting, I have some on going encaustic projects but also decided to create a couple of mixed media ACEO’s and the clematis was my inspiration.

The stages of work – ACEO Clematis

Below you can see how this miniature artwork was created, on watercolour paper I started with a pink watercolour wash, adding a background firstly with my watercolour pencils, than blending with water to soften, then adding detail with a combination of my Derwent watercolour platte and the watercolour pencils.

Once finished with the watercolours and the picture had dried, I added several coats of clear hot wax, the colours change slight when the wax is added, giving a softness and a wonderful shine, this sheen forms as the wax is polished and changes the painting into something new.

Clematis photo and painting
Many things I see every day inspire me, in my painting and in life.
Do you paint or craft? What is your inspiration?

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Boating :: Posted by: Hazel on May 23rd, 2013

Boating ….

Original Art Cards

When I first starting showing and selling my artwork online it was in the form of greetings cards created using my original paintings, not prints. As the cards were an aperture card they looked similar to being a mounted picture and I know of at least one person who has framed one of these cards using the card as the mount. If using glass in the frame, I would note that this is not what I recommend. It is important, as with many types of medium that the artwork is mounted so as not to touch the glass, as this may damage the painting.

I rarely make cards to sell nowadays as my encaustic paintings are sold either mounted in Acid free Conservation board with a White core or hard backed onto mount board so they have a good structure and can be either mounted and framed or displayed in a free standing manner.

I do however make cards on occasional, for my own use to give to friends and family or by commission if especially asked.

Experimenting – Mix Media

Boating Painting Mixed Media by Hazel Rayfield

I have been experimenting with mixed media artwork again, and came up with this little boat painting, just 3.75 x 2.5 inches in size, very slightly larger than an ACEO or ATC.

This boat picture is a drawing / painting created using watercolour pencils that, once the painting was dry I covered in several layers of clear wax.

The picture has a softness to it I feel, the watercolour paper absorbs some of the wax, and as the mediums, watercolour and wax combine this effect was created. I am really pleased with the outcome of this combination.

When lightly polished, as I do with all my encaustic paintings, the picture comes even more to life with the sheen and slight texture from the wax coating.

Using Encaustic Wax

As I am discovering there are lots of ways to use Wax and I love experimenting to see how things work and will be blogging about all the things I am trying out as Art In Wax !

Versatility of Art In Wax

The photography below shows the mixed media boat painting as it is in the card, also pictured is an Encaustic hot wax, just wax this time, version of this boat scene.

As you can see the Encaustic wax version is a much bolder coloured piece the wax is vibrant and colourful, in contrast to the mixed media version with has a beauty of its own in the softness and more pastel tones ……Art Cards Encaustic and Mixed media

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Art, like many things, is I believe in the eye of the beholder ……

I think both of the paintings are pretty, yet very different. What do you think? why not leave me a comment below ……

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Sweet Peas : original art :: Posted by: Hazel on May 14th, 2013

Sweet Peas – An English Summer Favorite

Having just sown some sweet pea seeds in the garden last week, we are looking forward to one of our favorite flowers blooming in the summer. Sweet peas are a delicate and beautiful plant with an abundance of flowers and a very sweet scent.

The sweet pea was developed by Henry Eckford via wikipedia a nurseryman of the Victorian era, which has been developed and evolved into the sweet peas, in many varieties we know today.

Inspired to paint

So I thought why not – Paint some Sweet Peas!

I did some sketching and you can see how I got on below, I did my pencil drawing and then my encaustic painting. I like to sketch sometimes before stating my hot wax pictures, I use this as a guide more than something to copy from, but they help me keep on track so to speak as I get invloved with the wax. I then decided to doodle on the drawing with some watercolour paints and this is what I ended up with ……..

Sweet Peas Watercolour

Encaustic Painting : Sweet Peas

This is the encaustic, hot wax version of the painting, it is an A4 encaustic painting on gloss card, it was created using some of my favorite colours, pinks and purples …… now just got to wait for the real flowers to grow and flower in the garden.

Wax Sweet Peas and Watercolour

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