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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Poppy Art and A Miniature Painting :: Posted by: Hazel on August 6th, 2015

Poppy Art In Wax with a Twist !!

Take a closer look ……

If you read my blog you will like I love to try out new ideas and this one I have been planning for a while, so I decided it was time to experiment and this is the result.

I have been painting “Encaustic” in different styles and forms for over four years now and it is my passion, I just love the challenge of working with this medium and seeing what I can do with wax ….. wax paints and heat tools.

Again, as you can see from my blog and website, I paint large wall art but also paint in miniature, in fact I am really hooked on painting tiny and have my own miniature 1:12 scale Art Gallery, which you can see online on this blog ……

So can you see a picture inside a picture ?

This is a very quirky pictures, from a distance you see a pretty poppy painting, mounted in this photography in a Oxford blue mount size 20 x 16 inches and if you look closely, you will see a miniature painting inside ……

Fun isn’t it ? What do you think ? Please leave me a comment below

Poppy Art

Purchasing a Piece of Art In Wax

This painting is for sale, and if you see a piece of Art In Wax you would like but it is not listed in one of my shops then please contact me, it may be for sale but just not currently online.

You can buy Art In Wax in all sizes online via Art In Wax website Shop or in my outlet shops on Etsy and Folksy all the shops have unique pieces no two places have the same pictures so lots of choice for your home, your dolls house or your ACEO collection.

Art In Wax website Art shop

Art In Wax website Miniature Art shop

Free UK postage on all paintings direct from the Art In Wax website.
Internationally orders welcome please contact me for postage costs.

Art In Wax via Etsy I ship worldwide.

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Lilac Art for Your Home and For Your Dolls House :: Posted by: Hazel on June 9th, 2013

Original Art : For Your Home and For Your Dolls’ House

Painting Lilac

Following on from yesterdays blog post talking about painting tiny miniature paintings for a Dolls’ House commission, I had a very productive day in my studio painting in hot wax. Inspired by one of my own paintings from last year, an A4 sized vase of Lilac style flowers I decided to paint this subject again and in a variety of sizes.

A Painting For Your Home and For Your Dolls’ House

Wouldn’t it be fun if you had a painting on your wall in your home and a similar original in your Dolls’ house.

A Painting For Your Home and For Your Collection

Likewise people who collect ACEO and ATC “Art Cards, Editions and Originals” and “Artist Trading Cards” wouldn’t it be fun to have an original in your collection that you also had a similar original on your wall!

Art In Wax : Lilac

Painting in hot wax is a medium that is very versatile and yet takes a steady hand especially when working so small, I have already had many comments on my miniature paintings and will be experimenting further with this area as well as painting larger pieces.

Below you can see the original picture from last year plus created yesterday, an A5 version that I have mounted in a 10 x 12 inche cream mount, an ACEO 3.5 x 2.5 painting shown here on a mini easel and a tiny Doll’s House miniature, ready to frame at just 50mm x 40mm.

Original art in wax paintings A4 A5 ACEO Doll House

Art In Wax : Buy Online

Art In Wax is available to buy online Via my own shop here on Art In Wax or Etsy.

Art In Wax : Commissions

If you would like a piece of original Art In Wax, or a pair of paintings perhaps, for your home, collection and/or Dolls’ House please contact me for more details.

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Art In The Work Place :: Posted by: Hazel on March 9th, 2012

Art In The Work Place

I am sure we would all like our work space to be welcoming and personalised. Depending on what we do, and where we work, can art be apart of that space?

Once I started to think about writing this article I realised that many people won’t have an appropriate type of work space to display art. But some will, are you ; your own boss, have an office, shop, workshop or studio where you work? or maybe you work at, or run a large company with communal areas that have art and wall decorations?
Spring Landscape Encaustic Art Original
I love to have art, pictures and photographs in my work space. I have worked for myself for many years and have my own office, which I now share with my husband plus I have a artist studio area too now.

Although the pictures has changed over the years, art in one form or another has always been part of my work environment. I am very fortunate be able to work in a space that has the things I like in it, I spend a lot of my day in the office it is great to be able to look at the surrounding and enjoy my time in the office (work permitting naturally!)

Original Artwork

Naturally as an artist who creates and sells original art I am going to focus this article on that subject. However being married to a keen photographer our home and office has a mixture art styles and mediums.

Each of my paintings are unique, even when I paint similar subjects they are all individual, the way the wax flows as I paint is never actually the same and this is one reason I love to work in encaustic wax so much.

It is Affordable! : Having a piece of original artwork may not be a first thought when thinking about wall decoration and I would be the first to agree that it is not always going to be an option, but if its because you think this is going to be expensive – think again!

Continue reading Art In The Work Place

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