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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Sunset By The Sea :: Posted by: Hazel on January 4th, 2014

Painting Collection : Sunset By The Sea

Art Exhibit Sunsets

Inspired by the wonderful sunsets we have both in this country and around the world I thought it would be fun to paint some seascapes with a theme.

The colorful paintings I came up with for this collection are now on display as an Art In Wax Exhibition.

The collection of six pictures, all seascape style paintings are now online and can be viewed here : Sunset Art Exhibit 2014.

New Online Exhibit For 2014

This is a new exhibit of six hot wax paintings for 2014, they are in various sizes; two larger pieces @ 16 x 11, two @ 11 x 9 and two @ 8 x 6.

I had great fun with colour and let my imagination run and flow with the wax …….

The painting in this poster is an additional one to the exhibit pictures, shown just as a taste of what is on display ……

Sunset Collection

I hope you enjoy this new series of pictures, the pictures are for sale as will be some smaller versions. if you would like to purchase one of these pictures or commission a similar piece please contact me for more information.

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Seascapes :: Posted by: Hazel on September 2nd, 2013

New Paintings

I have just finished these two scenic paintings so thought I would show them in a new blog post today, to start off the month ……..

I have been painting lots of new pictures recently at A4 size which these also are.

I am always looking for the next challenge and idea for a picture, and with the weather being so nice we have been out for walks along the coast and country side and I have been inspired to paint these two pictures, which are both styled as a rustic seascape and landscape, with over grown and wild flowers and grasses forming part of the mix of colours.

Seascape and Landscape

My paintings have a impressionistic style I feel, which allows me when I look at a subject and interpret it with my own imagination and create the picture I want.

I have had some great feedback on my paintings, especially when someone gets to own or see a piece close up, that they are amazed at the detail in the pictures and that they are created in wax.

Do you own a piece of Art In Wax ……. why not leave me a comment ?

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Boating :: Posted by: Hazel on May 23rd, 2013

Boating ….

Original Art Cards

When I first starting showing and selling my artwork online it was in the form of greetings cards created using my original paintings, not prints. As the cards were an aperture card they looked similar to being a mounted picture and I know of at least one person who has framed one of these cards using the card as the mount. If using glass in the frame, I would note that this is not what I recommend. It is important, as with many types of medium that the artwork is mounted so as not to touch the glass, as this may damage the painting.

I rarely make cards to sell nowadays as my encaustic paintings are sold either mounted in Acid free Conservation board with a White core or hard backed onto mount board so they have a good structure and can be either mounted and framed or displayed in a free standing manner.

I do however make cards on occasional, for my own use to give to friends and family or by commission if especially asked.

Experimenting – Mix Media

Boating Painting Mixed Media by Hazel Rayfield

I have been experimenting with mixed media artwork again, and came up with this little boat painting, just 3.75 x 2.5 inches in size, very slightly larger than an ACEO or ATC.

This boat picture is a drawing / painting created using watercolour pencils that, once the painting was dry I covered in several layers of clear wax.

The picture has a softness to it I feel, the watercolour paper absorbs some of the wax, and as the mediums, watercolour and wax combine this effect was created. I am really pleased with the outcome of this combination.

When lightly polished, as I do with all my encaustic paintings, the picture comes even more to life with the sheen and slight texture from the wax coating.

Using Encaustic Wax

As I am discovering there are lots of ways to use Wax and I love experimenting to see how things work and will be blogging about all the things I am trying out as Art In Wax !

Versatility of Art In Wax

The photography below shows the mixed media boat painting as it is in the card, also pictured is an Encaustic hot wax, just wax this time, version of this boat scene.

As you can see the Encaustic wax version is a much bolder coloured piece the wax is vibrant and colourful, in contrast to the mixed media version with has a beauty of its own in the softness and more pastel tones ……Art Cards Encaustic and Mixed media

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Art, like many things, is I believe in the eye of the beholder ……

I think both of the paintings are pretty, yet very different. What do you think? why not leave me a comment below ……

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Sailing By Hazel Rayfield :: Posted by: Hazel on October 22nd, 2012

Seascape with sailing boats encaustic art

Sailing : A Seascape

Painting Boats in hot wax – new video demonstration

This new seascape painting started out as a demonstration for my youtube channel, following a suggestion from a fellow encaustic painter Dallas, of Abounding Treasures in Canada who saw one of my boating seascape paintings on the Etsy website and having already watch a couple of my encaustic art video demonstrations, commented that it would be good to see how I painted a boat in hot wax.

I have been waiting for an idea to come for a new video, we have such fun making these short films but thinking of a subject is difficult so when this suggest came I thought I would run with it and this is the resulting painting.

How I paint a sail boat ……

Watch me paint on You Tube

You can watch me paint part of this picture on my youtube channel : Sailing Boats.

We could only show part of the painting in this demonstration, which is nearly 6 minutes in length and one of the longer films we have made. It took a lot longer to complete the painting than would have been practical to film. Many of my paintings take several hours to complete depending on the size and detail involved.

This demonstration is based on the sail boat part of the picture, I then added the shadows giving the reflection of the sails in the water, added a small dingy to the foreground and some grassy beach as the land. I used some bronze and gold wax in the beach which gives just a little more shimmer to the painting.

Adding detail

It is always hard to know where to stop with a painting I find, I could have carried on with this picture, adding detail to the horizon and creating more depth to the water and waves, perhaps adding some birds in the sky or a fence in the foreground, but it is also sometimes wise to stop and keep it simple …….

Painting for sale

Many of my paintings are for sale, why not contact me for details to see if this painting is still available or visit my shop : Art In Wax – buy direct from the Artist

What do you think ?

Have you watched the video? How to paint a sail boat in hot wax

What did you think? is there anything else you would like to see me paint in hot wax?

Why not leave me a comment …….

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