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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Christmas Season @ Art in Wax :: Posted by: Hazel on December 13th, 2013

2013 has been a great year for Art In Wax

Yes it’s that time of year again and I would like to wish all the visits and friends of Art In Wax Seasons Greetings.

Its been a busy year for Art In Wax, I have painted more pictures than ever before, my studio has been restored and expanded and Art In Wax is now in even more homes across the globe, with paintings having been sent to the US, Europe and Australia as well as many here in the UK this year.

Lots been going on ……

As well as preparing for the Christmas festivities, and painting new pictures, I have been working on the Art In Wax website and looking at the blog posts from 2013, WOW I have been chatty !!!

Art In Wax

Time to Reflect on the highlights

So this morning I have been reflecting on the posts from this year, the blog currently has 96 posts and 184 comments ……

We started 2013 with a new online exhibit : Sunflowers
The Sunflower exhibit had a great response and several of the paintings have now been sold.

We also created a couple of videos of me painting sunflowers and made a new demonstrations page for the website.

Lots of new paintings and more demonstrations came online in the Spring, including how to paint a pretty flower video on youtube : and a blog post about painting Sweet Peas.

Then came the start of the Art In Wax miniatures …….
A Commission for 6 tiny dollhouse paintings started me painting very small pictures which I blogged about here : which then lead us (well Adrian built it for me) to building a 1:12 scale model Gallery to house some of my miniature artworks ……

Then we had an Art Gallery Grand Opening in September ……

In August I was asked to guest blog for Fred Aldous

Fred Aldous is a UK Arts and Crafts supplier, who have “125 years helping people make things” ……. which was great fun :

This is the post

We’ve just received a new order of Encaustic paint in a whole range of colours. To show you what kind of work these paints can do, here is Hazel, our guest blogger for this week.


Things started to change ……

Following on from this article the Fred Aldous team asked me to review some Handmade wax paints by R & F Paints, a US brand of encaustic wax that I had been wanting to try for a while ….

This was to change to the way I paint in wax forever !!!!

I did a review which is on my blog R & F Paints : Encaustic Starter Kit Review By Hazel Rayfield

We also made a video of me using the paints for the first time :

There are now lots of pictures of my new paintings using the R & F Paints encaustic materials on wood panels and there will be many more …..

I am still painting with my encaustic wax blocks onto the specialist card but my style and way of working with wax has now evolved.

More exciting stuff

Interview with Jacksons Art : More recently I was invited by Jacksons Art a larger Art Store here in the UK if I would do an interview about my new venture into working with the R & F Handmade Paints.

The interview was with Julie caves of Jacksons Art who says

We occasionally invite guest artists to talk about their work, techniques and materials on the blog. I hope that one artist explaining how they solved a problem or their approach to art will help other artists. I would love to see a community evolve where artists will assist each other with their artistic dilemmas, share ideas and technical information as well as make connections and give each other friendly support.
To join the conversation please add your comment below. It will be great to have some interaction!
Here today to share her art with us is Hazel Rayfield, who paints in Southend on Sea. Thanks Hazel!

I also blogged about my experience here on Art In Wax :
Hazel Rayfield is this weeks featured Artist on the Jackson’s Art Blog …..

Lots more still to come

So as we come to a close of 2013, I would like to thank all the people who have supported me and Art In Wax

And Wish you all a Happy Christmas from me, Hazel and Adrian.

Watch out for lots more new things next year, I have plans for paintings, I have been asked to be an Artist of the month in a local Art Club, an article for a magazine later in the year and may even be doing some Exhibits.

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