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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Flowers and Words :: Posted by: Hazel on July 28th, 2013

New paintings : Flowers, Words and Wax

The pictures below are all new, they are a bit different from anything I have done with wax before as they have words printed …….

Shabby Chic Inspired

I love some of the shabby chic style artwork and accessories that are around at the moment, and these paintings are inspired, albeit just slightly by some of the shabby chic things I like.

I think, to say something is shabby chic, covers many styles so I say these are inspired by rather than anything else.

I started by printing onto my encaustic gloss card, the words that you can see in black below, I then covered the ink from the words in clear wax. A technique used in encaustic art when using stamps, I haven’t used stamps in my artwork but I understand this to be the technique.

I then created the backgrounds of the paintings, using pearl cream wax and gold wax, adding a little coloured wax here and there, the backgrounds are therefore not a solid colours and the gold hints shine through giving a glint in the light. Some of the background wax covers the words in places giving a rustic look I feel.

I then painted the flowers in hot wax, using a combination of iron, stylus and hot air, to give the resulting paintings ……

Flowers and Words painitngs by HazelRayfield


The artwork above shows four paintings, the blue flowers and the Love is an A4 piece, with the Calm lavender and the Love pink and blue flowers are A5 and the Pink Roses Love is smaller at A6.

They are hard backed, so can free stand, be displayed on a easel or be mounted and framed, they would look good in a rustic frame without glass in my opinion

For sale

These paintings are for sale ……. contact me if you would to find out how to purchase them.

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Flowers For The Lady :: Posted by: Hazel on July 3rd, 2013

New Paintings : Flowers For The Lady

I have recently had lots of comments about my Lady paintings, it all started a year ago when I painted a series of “Lady” style paintings for an Art In Wax Exhibit, which can be viewed “Lady Day Fashion” since then I have painted several different styles of Lady, several of which have been sold.

These new pictures have a theme as each are holding flowers ……

Meet the Ladies

Lady Lavender : Dressed in her teal colours finery, a long dress and stylist hat, she is holding a bunch of tied Lavender.
This Hot wax paintings of Lady Lavender is A4 in size

Lady Rose : Dressed in her purple dress and stunning hat, Lady rose is holding a bouquet of pink roses.
This encaustic art painting of Lady Rose is A5 in size

Lady Daisy : Dressed in pink with a complimentary hat featuring a purple flower this Lady is holding a spray of yellow and orange blooms.
This encaustic art painting of Lady Daisy is A4 in size

Lady Daisy Lady Rose Lady Lavender

Contact The Artist

Some of the paintings featured on this blog, including these Lady’s may be for sale, if you are interested in buying Art In Wax please contact me, Hazel Rayfield for more information

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Flower Show – Encaustic Art in Wax :: Posted by: Hazel on December 15th, 2012

Flower Show

Encaustic Art Flower Show

I have today created a slide show of some of my flower paintings.

This show is based on a selection of my flower paintings, including some not previously seem online before.

More shows

I will create some more themed shows, for Landscapes and my ACEO collection

What do you think of this slide show?
Please leave me a comment below if you liked this show and if you would like to see more slide shows of Art In Wax.

Thanks for watching.

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Flowers For Mother’s Day :: Posted by: Hazel on February 20th, 2012

Mothering Sunday 2012

Mother’s day in the UK falls on Sunday the 18th March this year 2012.

One of the traditional gifts for Mother’s day are flowers, and for a unique idea, how about giving flowers painted in Encaustic wax, these flowers will last and can be enjoyed for a long time.

Special Gifts For Mothers

The Art In Wax shop has lots of paintings that would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, ranging from small 6 x 4 paintings to larger A3 size pictures. Some of the painting come mounted ready to frame and some come with a easel included as part of the current Mother’s day special. If you see a painting that you would like and would like to have a mount or display easel to accompany the painting please get in touch before ordering.

What’s Mum’s Favourite Flower?

From Lavender, Tulips and Delphiniums to Roses, Poppies and Pink Pretty Blooms, I have many paintings online here in my shop, also on outlet store Etsy, but if you don’t see the flower painting you would like then please contact me as I have other paintings not online yet and may have just what you are looking for.
Art For Mother's Day Selection

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