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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Dolls House Paintings Shop for miniature art online :: Posted by: Hazel on September 21st, 2016

New Miniature Dollhouse size paintings now online

Miniature Dolls House Art

I have today with the help of my lovely husband Adrian updated the Art In Wax miniature Dollhouse Art Shop : Shop for Dolls House Art Now …..

Lots of New Paintings

I have added lots of new paintings, including some seasonal Christmas trees which were very popular last year and I know are now in both Christmas themed houses and properties and even some were given as gifts to dolls house owners.

There are also new hand tied flower bouquets, a sweet pea and rose one are now listed, if you would like a different flower bunch in this style just let me know and I can paint one especially for you….

I have painted some landscapes, the secret garden and the Lady April ones are both 2 x 2 inches square and an impressionist feel with a softness but colourful styling.

The shop still has some poppies and some screens which are very popular, used in both period and modern houses these type of room dividers are one of my best sellers ……

Easy to buy online direct from me the artist

Please visit the Art In Wax Miniature shop to buy online via paypal, or contact me if you would prefer to pay in another way. I am happy to ship worldwide, my paintings are in 15 countries across the globe but please contact me first to arrange postage costs. Postage is free to the UK addresses when purchased via paypal on the Art In Wax site.

miniature dolls house art

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Showing and Display Art Online :: Posted by: Hazel on November 28th, 2012

Art Online

How we display and show art online

I have written a couple of posts about how I like to display my art :
Art Display : Beauty is in the eye of the beholder which talks about how beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, and what we all like or dislike about art is the same – individual and personal choice, and also how display plays a part in this too.
What a difference a frame makes! how displaying in a frame can make a difference to the look and feel of a piece of art.

What people are saying about Art In Wax

The feedback I have received recently about my paintings such as ……

“Paintings has just arrived , and they are absolutely beautiful – the photos don’t do them justice”

“The paintings arrived yesterday and they are gorgeous. So vibrant and you just don’t see the texture in the photos. Fabulous!”

“Got the painting and it is so beautiful. The colours are fabulous and the texture is lovely. It’s really so different from anything I’ve seen before”

…. just goes to show that when looking online on our wonderful computers we can not see the true beauty in some types of art online. I personally feel this is especially true when looking at Encaustic paintings, as part of the beauty comes from the sheen of the wax that can not be captured to its fullness in a photograph. The texture can also look clumsy online whereas in real life it is often much more subtle and gentle and yet the colours more bold and vibrant at times.

New Painting : Country Stream

Country Stream is a brand new painting from me …… hot off the iron so to speak!

It is approximately 10 x 8 inches in size, look how different it looks from the plain photograph to showing it mounted and displayed on a easel to double mounted and framed in a slightly fancy edged frame.
Original Landscape Painting

It just goes to show ……

Even just showing them displayed in a different way can make a difference – would you agree?

Have you seen an encaustic wax painting in real life – they do look different than online photographs.

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One Year On – An Encaustic Journey :: Posted by: Hazel on April 4th, 2012

A Year On ….. And still just beginning!

It is just a year this week when I started painting in encaustic wax. I ordered my encaustic iron and stylus on the 2nd April 2011 and it arrive a couple of days later, and I haven’t looked back. To read my history of art and how I discovered encaustic art please read my artist profile page on the Art In Wax website.

It is a great journey of discovery

A3 Landscapes
Over the last year I have discovered the wonders of working with wax, how this medium lends itself to many different techniques, I have tried many of these and still lots to try. I have experimented with different ways of painting in wax and on different surfaces and materials.

I have started to develop my style of painting in wax and although I still love some of my earlier work I can achieve much more now than then, details and texture are now much more part of my finished works. As you can see from the paintings here, this “Poppy” landscape was painted in March 2012 and the other “Wisteria Lake” last year in the summer time, both A3 in size but very different.

What a lot has happened

After painting for a few months it was suggested that I might show my work and maybe sell some of my pictures, which to my delight was what has happened! and my paintings are now as far a field as the US and Greece, plus many nationally in the UK.

I have online stores in two large retail outlets Folksy and Etsy. As a web developer for my business it also seemed natural to have a website which we built and launched in September 2011, mainly as a gallery for my work, which has already grown to include three catalogued gallery pages, an exhibits page, an online shop and this blog, which I love to write and share all things encaustic that are going on with me and my art in wax.

My paintings have also been seen on TV – Michael Bossom asked me if he could use some of my pictures as part of his demonstration show last year, which was very exciting seeing my paintings on screen! Some sceen shots from the show can be viewed in this article about the show.

More recently in January 2012 Adrian and I created two video demonstrations of me painting my encaustic roses, which are online at youtube and we are amazed by the response they have received.

And I have met (virtually) some amazing artists, especially when I became a member of, an online encaustic artist network based in Canada and other people with a passion for encaustics and painting in wax.

Art In Wax – Going Forward

Next week sees the opening of the #twitterartexhibit in Moss Norway where one of my painting will be displayed as part of a special twitter artist exhibition – more details can be read in this recent blog post about the event.

Popular Crafts Magazine are featuring my artwork, coming up in June as part of their Jubilee issue, which has a photo project demonstration of me painting and encaustic Rose card, which Adrian photographed and I wrote for them.

And Art In Wax is hitting the High Street, April also sees some of my paintings going on sale in store in Colchester Essex – more on this after the launch in a few weeks.

Art In Wax – An Amazing Year

I can’t believe where this year has gone! It has been an amazing year, I love my new found passion for painting in this wonderful medium – it is great fun, I love the way it flows and how I can create with it, pictures unlike anything I have before, the wonders of WAX!

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