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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Why Original Art makes great Gifts :: Posted by: Hazel on September 5th, 2012

10 Reasons Original Art Makes Great Gifts

It may not be the first thing you think of when looking for a present to give as a gift but actually giving original art as a gift can be great for many types of event and occasion. Birthday’s, Weddings, Anniversaries, Leaving work, Retiring, New home / house warming or even to say Thank you, an original piece of art can be just the thing!

Why Original Art makes great Gifts

  1. Art as a gift suits many occasions.
  2. Original Art means your gift will be unique
  3. Small pieces of Art are portable and can be easy to move
  4. Art can be displayed in many ways, framed, mounted and or free standing
  5. Makes a great Keep sake
  6. Lasts longer than flowers and chocolates – although these are great gifts too!!
  7. Works well for Men’s gifts, Woman gifts, young and more mature.
  8. Can be enjoyed by more than one person so makes great couples or family gifts
  9. Doesn’t have to be expensive.
  10. Art can be a fun gift, great for home decor …… and Encaustic Art can be a great talking point too as people are always surprised to find how wax can be used to create such works of art.

Encaustic Art

Encaustic art is created with molten coloured wax, the colours are vibrant and pictures have a wonderful sheen. The painting in my shop are all original and created in encaustic wax using heat tools such as hot irons and various stylus and are on encaustic gloss card. They are signed by me into the wax discreetly and signed and dated by me on the backing, which may be a mount or a hard backing depending on the piece. My artwork is sold online in my own shop here on Art In Wax and via Etsy.

All pieces come in cellophane and have a leaflet detailing that it is original and that it is create in wax, so when given as a gift the receiptant has the information on the original art too.

Shop for Original Art

Direct from the Artist : Paintings can be purchased from the Art In Wax website using my shop page to purchase direct from me the Artist, UK postage is free when you buy from me direct.

The pictures featured are all originals – not prints, and are a one off, there is ONLY ONE OF EACH FOR SALE.

Happy Shopping!

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Flowers For Mother’s Day :: Posted by: Hazel on February 20th, 2012

Mothering Sunday 2012

Mother’s day in the UK falls on Sunday the 18th March this year 2012.

One of the traditional gifts for Mother’s day are flowers, and for a unique idea, how about giving flowers painted in Encaustic wax, these flowers will last and can be enjoyed for a long time.

Special Gifts For Mothers

The Art In Wax shop has lots of paintings that would make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts, ranging from small 6 x 4 paintings to larger A3 size pictures. Some of the painting come mounted ready to frame and some come with a easel included as part of the current Mother’s day special. If you see a painting that you would like and would like to have a mount or display easel to accompany the painting please get in touch before ordering.

What’s Mum’s Favourite Flower?

From Lavender, Tulips and Delphiniums to Roses, Poppies and Pink Pretty Blooms, I have many paintings online here in my shop, also on outlet store Etsy, but if you don’t see the flower painting you would like then please contact me as I have other paintings not online yet and may have just what you are looking for.
Art For Mother's Day Selection

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Original Art Gifts :: Posted by: Hazel on November 30th, 2011

Original Art : Flowers in wax as gifts

Encaustic Art – Mini Series

I am loving painting these small series of paintings I am doing at the moment, having just finish a set of three herb paintings for our kitchen, I was asked if I would paint some 6 x 4 paintings to be given as Christmas gifts. I have now finished the set of six paintings. Each painting is unique, three are flowers in pots / vases and three are florals : Yellow Roses, Freesia and a colourful Daisy.

Something a bit different

I am showing three of the paintings below these are a mix of flowers. They are to be given as Christmas presents by someone who wants to give “something a bit different this year”, she is giving each of them with a mini display easel, thus making them a bit more quirky than if they were just framed.

Displaying Art In Wax

Encaustic paintings, i.e paintings created in wax, can be displayed without framing I personally love seeing these smaller pictures displayed this way as the sheen and texture really shows. Art In Wax can also be framed and looks good in a mount and frame, it is best to keep the wax from touching the surface of the glass as this could effect the painting.

Encaustic Flowers

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