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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Art In Wax Encaustic and Miniature Artist Hazel Rayfield :: Posted by: Hazel on July 1st, 2016

Art In Wax Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Lots going on at Art In Wax

I thought it might be fun to do a brief update on what’s going on with Art In Wax at the moment.

I have been painting lots of new pictures. Large and small, some of which are online in my Etsy and web shops. Some don’t make it into the stores as many sell as soon as I show them on Facebook, twitter etc so some of these I post on the website sold page, to show the new ideas and commissions. I have been doing more commissions than ever before, I love the challenge of painting for a specific theme or client idea. All commissions are original, I don’t do copies or reproductions.

I am happy to mail internationally

I sent my first painting to Germany this week which means pieces of Art In Wax are now in 15 countries on 3 continents. I have to pinch myself when I think hundreds of my paintings are hanging on walls and being displayed in homes and offices across the globe, sent from my small studio here in Southend Essex.

Miniature Art In Wax

I have painted small size pictures as well as wall art for a long time, my ACEO collectible pieces have always been popular and in the past couple of years I have seen a big rise in the popularity of my tiny dolls house and collectible miniature art which is great as I do love the challenge of painting tiny.

Lots of projects in the pipeline

Over the past 5 years of painting and showing my encaustic art online I have met and communicated online with many of the people who now own pieces of my work, it is lovely to know how much they are appreciated. These people have become part of the Art In Wax and my journey, some have inspired me and challenged me in many ways for which I am very appreciative.

As you can see from my blog my work has been featured in magazines, blogs and on YouTube. And I am currently working on an article with The Dolls House magazine for a artist profile piece coming out in 2017. I also have a couple of ideas for new blog posts on my blog. Including a look at Art In Wax in situ which I am currently researching.

Thank you for your continued support, if you would like to leave a comment on the blog please do 🙂


art in wax sold in 15 countries

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Hazel Rayfield Featured Artist : Jackson’s Art Blog :: Posted by: Hazel on October 31st, 2013

Exciting Stuff @ Art In Wax

Hazel Rayfield is this weeks featured Artist on the Jackson’s Art Blog …….

Art In Wax Featured

Today sees a guest feature of me talking about Art In Wax on the Jackson’s Art Blog.

You can read the post here : Guest Artist: Hazel Rayfield

Julie from Jackson Art and I got in contact via twitter when I tweeted about using their plywood panels in my work. The guest post, which in an interview style talks about how I got started painting in encaustic wax and how I am now painting on wood panels.

The article also includes some pictures of my work on the wood panels together with some photos showing the process of painting a sunflower head one of the 4 x 4 inch wood plywood panel.

Who Are Jackson’s Art

Jackson’s Art are a UK based Art Supplier and the place where I source some of my Encaustic supplies including the wood panels I am loving working on ……

Quote From The Jackson’s Art Website :

Here you’ll find the World’s finest art materials and equipment at exceptionally low prices. Run by artists for artists, we are passionate about what we sell and our consistently high customer service. With over 36,000 fine art supply products, visual artists around the world see Jackson’s as their favourite art supplies one stop shop.

Jackson's art feature blog

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