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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Sweet Peas : original art :: Posted by: Hazel on May 14th, 2013

Sweet Peas – An English Summer Favorite

Having just sown some sweet pea seeds in the garden last week, we are looking forward to one of our favorite flowers blooming in the summer. Sweet peas are a delicate and beautiful plant with an abundance of flowers and a very sweet scent.

The sweet pea was developed by Henry Eckford via wikipedia a nurseryman of the Victorian era, which has been developed and evolved into the sweet peas, in many varieties we know today.

Inspired to paint

So I thought why not – Paint some Sweet Peas!

I did some sketching and you can see how I got on below, I did my pencil drawing and then my encaustic painting. I like to sketch sometimes before stating my hot wax pictures, I use this as a guide more than something to copy from, but they help me keep on track so to speak as I get invloved with the wax. I then decided to doodle on the drawing with some watercolour paints and this is what I ended up with ……..

Sweet Peas Watercolour

Encaustic Painting : Sweet Peas

This is the encaustic, hot wax version of the painting, it is an A4 encaustic painting on gloss card, it was created using some of my favorite colours, pinks and purples …… now just got to wait for the real flowers to grow and flower in the garden.

Wax Sweet Peas and Watercolour

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Wax Mixed Medium Artwork :: Posted by: Hazel on April 19th, 2013

Mix Media Artwork : Watercolor, Ink and Wax

As someone who loves many types of art I am always interested to see and try new things, especially with wax as this is my passion as an artist.

The way I paint using wax, I use a formulated wax medium which is already coloured and ready for use. I mostly paint onto a specialist encaustic gloss card. My style of painting is a light coating of wax, it has texture and sheen but is not as deep as some encaustic painting styles that have many layers of wax.

There are many styles of “Encaustic Art” and a wide and varied range of techniques, each with its own unique and special use of the wax. Some are deep layered paintings craved out through the wax, others are painted with a brush, and some use mixed media techniques, using photographs and collage type styles.

I do like to try new things and enjoyed my experience of working with canvas board and deep layers of wax when painting roses last year, I blogged about it “First experience of painting wax on canvas”.
poppies mixed media ACEO painitngs

Art In Wax Experimenting Again!

I love to experiment with wax and for a change I decided to try adding a layer of wax to a couple of paintings which are drawings in pencil, which I then painted in watercolour and added some ink pen too.

I have created two pictures at an ACEO size (2.5 x 3.5 inches), I thought I would start small to see have the wax reacted to the card, which was a porous surface rather than my normal encaustic gloss card and the results are very interesting …….

I don’t draw onto my card when I am painting an encaustic painting, I do sometimes make stretches to work from but mostly I paint free hand and from my imagination when using wax, so this is a different way of working with wax for me.

As you can see from these ACEO pictures I have pencil drawn my subject I then painted in watercolours, and using some coloured ink pens define some of the lines a little to give a drawn effect. In the meadow picture the lines enhence the rustic feel of the drawing and for the poppies the ink gives depth the the petals I feel.

Once totally dry, I left them overnight, I used clear wax medium and coated the pictures in the wax using a heated iron tool, which fused the wax to the picture.

The paintings now have a wonderful shine now they have had a light polish and yet the colours of the watercolour are still bright as they were before, they have a very slight texture.

Comments Welcome

What do you think?

Please leave me a comment below.

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