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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

The Gallery 1:12 Scale Miniature Scene Art Gallery :: Posted by: Hazel on January 21st, 2015

The Gallery 1:12 Scale Art Gallery

Painting Art In Wax In Miniature

As many of you who read my blog know I have a passion for painting in hot wax – using many techniques, different wax formula and on various supports.

I also paint in many styles and sizes, including miniature.

I really enjoy the challenge and the results when painting encaustic in miniature.

Again if you have read my blog in the past you will know that I also own a miniature property a 1:12 scale Art Gallery which my very clever and patient husband Adrian built for me.

The Gallery as it is called resides in our home and houses a collection of my tiny Art, it is a fun addition to our home.

The Gallery had its grand opening in 2013 and since then Adrian has also built some easels and an Art Browser for display and the paintings change from time to time too.

The Gallery : The Back Story

When we were planning and building The Gallery we chatted and a “back story” developed over time so just for fun I thought I might share our (frictional) story …….

The property at 27 Coast Road is a Victorian double fronted shop property which started life as a bakery called The Granary.

It has seen many changes over the years, starting as a bakery where the bakers worked long hours and mostly baked bread that they delivered, sold at market or was collected from the shop. Then moving into an era where cakes and sweet treats became popular and Ladies would browse and shop for delicious sweets and later having part of the shop became a small tea room, where tea in China cups graced the tables and cakes and pastries were enjoyed.

But in time with post war rationing and the rise of convenience foods and supermarkets the family business closed and the shop stood empty for some years, still owned by the family but no longer a going concern.

In the 1990’s a Mr Rayfield moved to this part of town, he was a builder by trade and as he past the shop in disrepair, each day on his way to work and thought what a shame it was that should a wonderful building was no longer being used.

Some years later, Mr R married and settled down, his wife was a very keen artist and with his encouragement starting showing her art in exhibitions and selling her paintings on the Internet.

So when an opportunity came to buy the Old Granary from a distance relative of the original baker the couple bought the property and set about restoring the building, keeping the exterior as it was with its Victorian panel features but inside it became a modern contemporary Art Gallery with a high gloss floor and spot lighting just right for displaying lots of Art ………

All in miniature of course 😉 wink !!!!!

And just for fun I have made a graphic interpretation of The Granary …… along side some pictures of The Gallery

The Gallery Art in Miniature

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Dolls House Original Art Display :: Posted by: Hazel on December 21st, 2014

Dolls House Miniature Art

As we come to the close of 2014 I thought it might be fun to make a slide show of some of my miniature paintings.

I have today created a collection of my miniature art, these are pictures that are either on display in my own 1:12 scale Art Gallery that my husband Adrian built for me, he is very clever and patient, making a beautiful miniature property for my own tiny art collection.

Other paintings included in the slide show are sold or commission pieces and some are on sale in my various shops online.

I hope you enjoy watching this small collection of my tiny art created in Encaustic wax ……

Did you enjoy the slide show ?

Did you enjoy the Art Collection slide show? maybe you have a miniature piece of Art In Wax ? If so why not leave me a comment below ……

Buying Art In Wax In Miniature

Art In Wax in all sizes is available online to purchase via Art In Wax website Shop or in my outlet shops on Etsy and Folksy all the shops have unique pieces no two places have the same pictures so lots of choice to suit many styles and tastes.

Art In Wax website Miniature Art shop : Free UK postage on all paintings direct from the Art In Wax website.
Internationally orders welcome please contact me for postage costs.

Miniature Art In Wax via Etsy I ship worldwide.

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Grand Opening : The Gallery :: Posted by: Hazel on September 24th, 2013

Grand Opening : Art In Wax : The Gallery

The Gallery Our 1:12 Scale Art Gallery

It is with great pleasure we announce the opening of “The Gallery”

Below are some photographs taken by Adrian this week of the finished gallery project which now houses some of my original miniature paintings.

A Fun Project

My husband Adrian and I have had a lot of fun building The Gallery, he must take credit for all the work, he has been the project manager, builder, decorator and he has created a beautiful space to display and show my art in wax miniatures.

Details of the build, such as how we started with a kit and created this wonderful space, the paint colours, plus how the floor and lights etc were fitted can all be read in our post “The workmen have finished“.

Miniature 1:12 Art Gallery

The Paintings

Now the paintings are hung the Art Gallery really has come together. The paintings are of various subjects and would suit many different style of miniature property, from grand doll house Manor Houses, to Cafe’s and Modern miniature homes. Paintings range from traditional Landscapes, Seascapes, Floral and flower subjects, including some sunflowers, poppies and vases of pretty blooms, plus some Fish paintings and lots more.

Some of the paintings have been framed in various style of frame, others have been mounted on to mount board to give the effect of a canvas style picture, I especially like these and they would look great in a modern dolls house.

Finishing Touches

The easels Adrian build are wonderful for displaying the artwork and these together with the little extras we have made, like the brochures and laptop screen saver bring a touch of Art In Wax online into the The Gallery.

The suitcases we sourced from a miniature fair, these provide a stand for the art exhibit brochures and the paper weight you might notice is an iron …… as I use heat tools, one of which looks like a mini iron I thought it would be fun to include an iron as a fun and quirky finishing touch.

Art Gallery Miniature Exhibit By Hazel Rayfield

On Sale

Original Art In Wax miniature art paintings are on sale to buy direct from me the artist in my miniature shop @ Art In Wax and also in my Etsy Store.

I am happy to ship internationally as well as to the UK.


If you would like to commission a painting, and have something painted just for you, then simply contact me with what type of subject you would like and the size and I will be happy to give you a quote.

What do you think ?

Do you like “The Gallery” ?

Why not leave us a comment below 🙂

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Miniature Art Gallery :: Posted by: Hazel on September 24th, 2013

Art In Wax In Miniature

The Gallery 1:12 Scale

We have been building a 1:12 scale miniature gallery to house my miniature artwork called The Gallery.

The workmen are finished

The workmen are now finished in the gallery and we are getting ready for the Grand Opening.

My husband Adrian has been the builder, decorator and everything else, I helped design the signage but everything else is down to him, and he has made a wonderful place to display and show my art.

Our Work In Progress

Below are some of the work in progress pictures from our 1:12 scale gallery.

We bought an MDF kit for a Victorian shop and created a contemporary modern gallery space to house my miniature art. The Gallery has spots lights set into the ceiling, and the windows and over the front door, a varnished wooden floor, laid piece by piece by Adrian together with clean white for the interior and a Sandstone exterior with Green for the paneling and windows. A flat roof tops its off together with signage and a tiled effect door step, which I really like and Adrian digitally made in the period style.

The gallery 1:12 scale

The Grand Opening

Please see the next blog post for the finished project …… with the walls filled with art.


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