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Commission a piece of miniature dollhouse art from a miniaturist artist :: Posted by: Hazel on January 8th, 2018

Commission a Piece of Original Miniature Art

Following on from my previous post, 2018 sees some changes to the Art In Wax focus, bringing my miniaturist work to the fore. Nearly all my work is paintings miniature now, with last year seeing them go to more countries than ever before. At the last count my Art is in 17 countries on 4 continents. I have to pinch myself when I think about it. Who knew !! when I started painting Encaustic how my journey would be. It has been and continues to be my passion to paint miniature art in Encaustic hot Wax paints.

Commission Page Update

I’ve been updating my website this weekend revamping the miniature art commissions page and as a result looking back at some of my sold paintings…… which reminds me …..

Maybe I should paint another a hot air balloon landscape, and perhaps a different style vintage caravan, I still love painting poppies, to think of something new for the seahorses, my “under the sea, dolphins and mermaids were popular a couple of years ago, but I haven’t painted any in a while…… I don’t know how I forgot them !

Miniature dollhouse paintings

Good to look back

It seems at this time of year, the start of a new year with all the possibilities this will hold, that looking back is a fond occupation. I have enjoyed looking at the commissions I have done in the past, not all these paintings shown in this graphic were commissions but they are all sold, and with that in mind. If you see a piece of my art that is sold but would like one similar, it won’t be the same as each piece is unique and original, then why not get in touch and see if I can paint a piece of miniature original art …. just for you.

It is not as expensive as you may think……

Commissions can be a single piece or a set of two or more paintings, the cost is dependant on your requirements and will be quoted together with my payment terms before the commission is started. They don’t cost much more than the paintings I have already online.

I look forward to painting lots of commissions in 2018 ….. maybe one will be for you ?

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4 years of Art In Wax :: Posted by: Hazel on March 31st, 2015

4 years Art In Wax

Art In Wax 4 years on …..

Next weekend sees the 4th year anniversary of when I started to paint in wax. Blocks of Encaustic wax and heats tools were ordered and were delivered on the 5th April 2011, as it is also the date of Tax year end here in the UK it is an easy to remember date! I now have a wide and varied collection of heat tools, including several irons and stylus tools, my hotplate and heated air tool….. plus lots and lots of wax !

Art In Wax Evolving

My style and methods of working and painting in wax medium have evolved and developed over the years and my passion as an Encaustic artist has grown and grown.

Likewise, the Art In Wax website has expanded and now has Exhibiton pages which feature some of my painting subject series, we also have more shop sections for buying art direct from me the artist, including, a Wall Art section, and ACEO and a Miniature Dolls House Art section, plus the latest addition an Events page, which has information on the Events that we are attending to show my art, mostly miniature fairs at the moment, as this area of Art In Wax is where the most expansion has taken place, with miniature pieces of my Art now in many countries on three continents worldwide.

I have been painting in miniature a long time, with my ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals) being very popular and in many collections and in 2013 I was asked to paint a commission for a lady who owns some of my larger art to paint a set of paintings tiny for her Dolls House, I then blogged about them, and that lead to more sales, then a feature in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine and now I sell as many Dolls House paintings as any other size. And since we started taking my Dolls House art to Dolls House and Miniatures fairs at the end of last year they have become even more popular.

I blogged about the first Dolls House fair here :

I may be a miniaturist artist at times but I still paint large and recently have been painting some even larger pictures as my A3 size pieces have been more popular than ever in 2015.

The Future @ Art In Wax

I have lots of plans for new paintings and expanding my range of painting subjects, this year, has seen lots of new themes, from flowers I haven’t painted before, to miniature steam trains and gypsy caravans in landscapes, from my tree of life series exhibition to unusual commissions : a silver tree on black, a bluebell cottage, pretty blue butterflies and pink lilies to name just a few.

These are just a few of my latest pictures, which will be online for sale soon – or contact me for more information if you would like them or to commission a similar piece.

Art In Wax Paintings 2015

Above : from left to right ….
Hydrangea vase …… an A3 size painting this is just the center cropped area of the overall picture size.
Ice cream cone ….. a fun A4 size painting
Lovely Lavender ….. cropped area of the overall picture, see it mounted full size to the right
Red Poppies ….. A3 size painting
Pink Hydrangea Stem A4 size picture
Lavender …. A3 size shown in a mount with two tiny miniature versions
Purple Poppies …. A3 in size and a miniature Dolls House version too

Celebrating 4 years of Art In Wax

Thank you everyone, who has encouraged me, given me inspiration and of course bought my pieces of Art, something that never gets old or taken for granted, I am as delighted with every purchase as I was from the very first (and you know who you were) and thank you especially Adrian my wonderful husband, who bought me my first starter kit of Encaustic wax and iron four years ago and has been with me all the way in this wonderful artistic journey.

Please leave me a comment below, just to say hello or maybe you own a piece of Art In Wax and would like to share your thoughts?

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