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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Sunflower Valley :: Posted by: Hazel on May 14th, 2013

Sunflower Valley : Presented Mounted and Photographed

Original Art in hot wax : Sunflowers

I have just finished this piece featuring a valley of sunflowers.

I worked in hot wax on a A3 gloss card painting using my hot iron and stylus tools together with a heat gun for remelting the wax once applied.

I have been painting a lot of Sunflowers of late, and this piece took about 10 hours in several sessions for me to get to where I wanted to be. I used to find I liked to finish a painting in one or two sessions but I have changed the way I work now and often feel coming back to a piece after a few hours or days break I can see how to develop the picture, and as encaustic wax is so versatile I can easily remelt and rework the piece until I am happy with the work.

Photographing Art Work

It can be a challenge photographing artwork to show online. I find that with my wax art it can be difficult to show the subtlety of the work as when displayed on a computer screen lines in the wax which add a great texture in real life can look clumsy when photographed. Likewise the colours and the sheen, although they do show, often have much more depth than represented in online screen view.

Presenting and showing artwork online

It is also, at times, difficult to know how to present the paintings, I sometimes use a display easel to demonstrate how a painting could be displayed or a frame, which can help show how a piece maybe used. But this doesn’t always give the true feeling of size.
hazel rayfield holding sunflower valley painting

When we photographed the “Splash of colour – flower meadow” paintings this week I decided to hold the pictures to give a perspective to the size. I had a fellow artist comment on how effective this was and so again with this painting I am showing it in relationship to its surroundings and me holding it.

This picture is approx. 16 x 11 in size and the mount in a mid to dark blue really highlights the golden yellows of the Sunflower subject I feel.

What do you think?

What do you think?
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One Response to “Sunflower Valley”

  1. Heather Says:

    Fabulous sunflowers! I agree, holding the piece looks really effective. I love it with the blue surround too. I find taking photos quite hard too – it’s so hard to show all the detail that it’s never as good as real life.

    Date posted : May 1st, 2013 at 6:43 pm

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