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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

How I Paint My Encaustic Daisy :: Posted by: Hazel on October 15th, 2011

How I paint an Encaustic Daisy

Daisies are one of my favourite shape of flower, and lots of flowers have this shape, Asters, Sunflowers, Cone flowers, and of course the beautiful Marguerite daisy, which comes in many colours and looks wonderful in great swaves.

The daisy features a lot in Art In Wax, it is the basis for the logo, website design and blog theme, it is also one of the first flowers I painted in encaustic wax. So I thought this would make a great demonstration of how I paint in wax.

My husband Adrian has taken a series of photos of the stages and hopefully you can see how I work, bringing together the coloured wax to form this cute little picture of a daisy.

Tools and Materials I used :
Encaustic Iron
Encaustic Gloss Paper A6 size
Encaustic Wax – Colours : White, Pastel Mint, Leaf Green, Mid Yellow and Orange
Scribing Tool
Polishing Cloth

The first thing I do is create a light background for the painting. I coat the iron with White wax and add two small bands of the Pastel Mint wax and with one passing onto the card create a light background.

Stem and Leaves
Using the edge of the iron with some of the green wax, I make one stroke to create the stem, the leaves are then pushed out from the base of the stem to create two leaf shapes.

How I paint my Daisy photo background and stem leaves
I use the tip of the iron and add a small ring of Yellow wax in drops to the card about where I imagine the top of the diasy will be. The petals are formed by gently pushing the wax drops into a petal shapes.
The number of petals varies every time I do this and can depend on how the wax flows.
How I paint my daisy Photo Petals
Center – Seed Head
Next comes the center of the daisy, I use the tip of the iron and some Orange wax to form a small round just touching the Yellow of the petals, being careful not to bleed the Orange into the Yellow too much. Although when this happens it can give a nice Orange stripe to the finished flower.
How I paint my Daisy Center

The wax has a light polish and I add a few dots with the scribing tool to the edge of the flower head for a little bit of texture.

How I paint my daisy finishing

Just need to sign it into the wax and I’m all done!

More demonstrations in the future

I hope you like this little demonstration of encaustic art, we hope to create some videos in the coming months to demonstrate how I paint in action!

Owning an Original Encaustic Daisy Painting By Hazel Rayfield

If you would like to own one of my Encaustic Daisy paintings, they are 6 x 4 inches in size and come backed with a mount board and can be purchased direct from me. Please contact me direct for details of how to buy an Original Encaustic Daisy Painting.

Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield
Photography By Adrian Rayfield

Copyright and All Rights Reserved

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3 Responses to “How I Paint My Encaustic Daisy”

  1. PollyKrafts Says:

    Many thanks for taking the trouble to demonstrate your technique! great!


    Date posted : November 11th, 2011 at 5:00 pm
  2. Hazel Says:

    Thank you Polly, Glad you liked it.


    Date posted : November 11th, 2011 at 5:47 pm
  3. Gina Says:

    Great to see how its done

    Date posted : November 18th, 2011 at 8:35 am

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