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Mouse House Creek Woods Shop feature :: Posted by: Hazel on July 12th, 2021

Creek Woods Estate Connecticut – Mouse House Dolls House

This Story is by Miranda

The Woods family have lots of adventures and have a fabulous Instagram page, so you can follow their story. Instagram @creekwoodsestate

Creek Woods Shop

Creek Woods Estate Connecticut Established in 2020 is a property inhabited by an adorable mouse family and their friends. The “Creek’s Toys, Books, and Café” is a shop owned by Lady Meadow Woods with the shopkeeper, River, who takes great pride in maintaining this foothold of the community.

The shop specializes in toys that capture the imagination and wonder of the children in the community. Lady Meadow’s husband, Professor Finn hosts children’s book readings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6pm-7pm. The book collection is vast and ranges from “The Ugly Duckling” to “Homer’s Odyssey” all of which captivates the children.

The play area induces pure excitement that surges through the children. The kids play with dollhouses, dolls, building blocks, legos, teddy bears, cars, and trucks. The overall atmosphere is that of magic and fun. New toys arrive each week and the children always find something to dazzle them. Other events in the store are not limited to, but include magic shows, puppet theaters, singing and dancing. The rooftop of the shop is ideal for birthday parties and celebrations (weather permitting). On July 3, 2021, the Wood’s children co-hosted an event to celebrate “Friendship and Kindness” along with their human counterparts for #miniletsconnect.

On mornings, River takes glory in acquiring fresh milk, butter, and eggs from local farms. River’s instruments and recipes are calibrated to perfection with satisfying textures, delicious creaminess and flavors titrated to a consistency that is perfectly sweet and delightful. His cakes and cupcakes are decorated intricately, they are elegant. He also creates colorful sweet treats that are gratifying.

The shop is phenomenal. It is an environment that provides enrichment to the children’s cognitive development and an outlet for very satisfying treats that are rewarding. The shop has become the entire family’s favorite place to host events, settle in for a good book and it turned out to become a far more versatile space than Lady Meadow Woods envisioned.

See below a fabulous selection of photographs of the shop, some of which have miniature pieces of my art in ……. Miranda has a large collection of my art and I’m proud to see my ice cream cones and door sign in this wonderful establishment 


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