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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Miniature Dolls House featured on Art In Wax :: Posted by: Hazel on March 27th, 2022

Lots of Dolls Houses and Miniature properties feature on my blog …..

Why not check out some of these articles ….. by this amazing miniaturists.

Miniature Art for dolls houses and shops Jos Collection 2021

Miniature Art for dolls houses and shops

Creek Woods Estate Connecticut – Mouse House Dolls House 2021

Mouse House Creek Woods Shop feature

Linda’s collection includes Room Boxes with Seasonal Displays 2020

Miniature Art In Wax in Dolls Houses Worldwide

Bauernhof Manor House Connecticut 2020

My Miniature Art on display in Connecticut

The Artist Studio Susan’s miniature artist studio 2020

Diorama Miniature Display Art By Hazel Rayfield

The Californian RV 2018

Dolls House Miniature Feature Caravan

An Ohio sewing room 2019

Dolls House Feature Miniature Art

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Miniature Art for dolls houses and shops :: Posted by: Hazel on August 18th, 2021

Miniature Art for dolls houses and shops

As you will know from my blog, I love seeing my art in its new homes, some times these are miniature houses, other times miniature shops or diorama and sometimes both ……

Jo bought her first piece of my miniature art from my Etsy store earlier this year. She now has a lovely mini collection of my paintings in her wonderful miniature properties. Including a fabulous Kensington which the photos of the knight and the book cases are from. ZJ Tea Rooms has a series of four beautiful sunsets in a modern canvas style.

Jo’s Creations

Jo and I now follow each other on Instagram. Check out her feed @zjminiatureprojects

It was then I discovered Jo’s talent for miniatures reached further than creating her own dolls houses but that she created wonderful miniatures for sale.

Miniature dollhouse painting

Z J Miniatures

ZJ Miniatures is an lovely mix of miniature furniture and furnishings.

I personally own two of Jo’s beautifully made tub chairs, many of her cushions and accessories and mugs too. These can often be seen in the sets when I display my paintings for sale, likewise many of my paintings feature in Jo’s product photos in her Etsy shop.

Miniature dollhouse furniture

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Mouse House Creek Woods Shop feature :: Posted by: Hazel on July 12th, 2021

Creek Woods Estate Connecticut – Mouse House Dolls House

This Story is by Miranda

The Woods family have lots of adventures and have a fabulous Instagram page, so you can follow their story. Instagram @creekwoodsestate

Creek Woods Shop

Creek Woods Estate Connecticut Established in 2020 is a property inhabited by an adorable mouse family and their friends. The “Creek’s Toys, Books, and Café” is a shop owned by Lady Meadow Woods with the shopkeeper, River, who takes great pride in maintaining this foothold of the community.

The shop specializes in toys that capture the imagination and wonder of the children in the community. Lady Meadow’s husband, Professor Finn hosts children’s book readings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6pm-7pm. The book collection is vast and ranges from “The Ugly Duckling” to “Homer’s Odyssey” all of which captivates the children.

The play area induces pure excitement that surges through the children. The kids play with dollhouses, dolls, building blocks, legos, teddy bears, cars, and trucks. The overall atmosphere is that of magic and fun. New toys arrive each week and the children always find something to dazzle them. Other events in the store are not limited to, but include magic shows, puppet theaters, singing and dancing. The rooftop of the shop is ideal for birthday parties and celebrations (weather permitting). On July 3, 2021, the Wood’s children co-hosted an event to celebrate “Friendship and Kindness” along with their human counterparts for #miniletsconnect.

On mornings, River takes glory in acquiring fresh milk, butter, and eggs from local farms. River’s instruments and recipes are calibrated to perfection with satisfying textures, delicious creaminess and flavors titrated to a consistency that is perfectly sweet and delightful. His cakes and cupcakes are decorated intricately, they are elegant. He also creates colorful sweet treats that are gratifying.

The shop is phenomenal. It is an environment that provides enrichment to the children’s cognitive development and an outlet for very satisfying treats that are rewarding. The shop has become the entire family’s favorite place to host events, settle in for a good book and it turned out to become a far more versatile space than Lady Meadow Woods envisioned.

See below a fabulous selection of photographs of the shop, some of which have miniature pieces of my art in ……. Miranda has a large collection of my art and I’m proud to see my ice cream cones and door sign in this wonderful establishment 


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Feature Article :: Posted by: Hazel on January 21st, 2021

An Interview with an American Journalist

Below is the words of Joan McKenzie, whom I thank  tremendously for her beautiful words …… 

Hazel Rayfield’s Uniquely Beautiful Wax Paintings in Miniature

Feature Interview by Joan McKenzie   Instagram: genuinejoan

I’m always happy when I find an artisan that is creating something so unique that I want to touch it and understand more about that art form. While discovering the tiny detailed encaustic hot wax paintings made by Hazel Rayfield, I found myself getting lost in her scenes, especially the paintings of trees. Hazel is a self-employed artist who calls her Etsy shop “Art in Wax”.

She has been painting in encaustic miniature form since 2011. One year her husband Adrian, who is an interior decorator, had a very special commission which opened Hazel’s eyes to the growing popularity in the world of miniaturists. Adrian’s client wanted help building a basement for her Georgian Dollhouse. The client also asked Hazel to create some paintings for this house as she wanted it filled with original artwork. “

As far as I am aware, pieces of my “Art in Wax” are currently in 20 countries spanning 4 continents.”

I collect Hazel’s Miniature Art

I am one of Hazel’s repeat customers from a few years ago. I have more than one version of the “Tree of Life” and multiple breathtaking “African Skies” paintings in my little boys’ double bunk bedroom themed with African animals, paintings, books and dinosaur fossils.

Miniature dollhouse art

Hazel’s husband built her a miniature property in 2013 which she named: “The Gallery”. This is a double front Victorian shop, which he bought as a kit. Inside is a contemporary art gallery, with inset ceiling lights and wood flooring that he assembled perfectly, piece by piece. “The Gallery” has evolved several times since 2013. Adrian built bespoke frames, an art browser and some of the easels on display. It hosts many of her miniature paintings that have been on exhibit previously. Some of these paintings are not for sale for sentimental reasons. However, if you asked Hazel to try to replicate something she has done before she will happily try.

She is very busy with orders for her artwork, but she also works occasionally in website development, graphic design and internet consulting as this was her full-time business prior to following her passion to paint. Hazel has had a few instances where she made something for a customer that she really didn’t want to part with. It’s at that point where she has to remind herself that someone likes her work enough to pay hard earned money for it, and that feeling of appreciation is still something that pleases her all of the time. Now that it has been 8 years of full- time painting, this elated feeling is not something that she can imagine will diminish over time.Dolls  house Art

An English Artist

She has a studio area in their home in Southend on Sea, Essex. In the past she had exhibited her work at a few local dollhouse fairs in the United Kingdom, but not for several years now. Attending the fairs was great fun for Hazel, meeting miniaturists, artisans and collectors was fun and fulfilling. She is still in touch with several of the people she knew then and they continue to purchase her art online. It was a fellow miniaturist who suggested she might create ‘dressing room screens’ (AKA room dividers) using the hot wax art form. These have become popular over the years, especially because it doubles as a piece of original art as well as a piece of exquisite furniture.

Occasionally Hazel has created videos of herself painting which appear on her blog or on social media. She loves the challenge of making art in miniature.

When she began creating original miniature art in the medium that is known as Encaustic, she never dreamed this would become such a passion for her. The richness of the colors she combines take you immediately to what she is trying to convey. Over the years the subjects she has painted have been varied. She loves the challenge of a new idea, a new inspiration and seeing just what she can paint in hot wax. Some of her own favorites are the winter landscapes, many of which include the northern lights and the occasional stag painting, the colorful skies of an African sunset, all landscape pieces, her brilliant poppy flower paintings are always a joy to paint, and trees, oh those gorgeous trees … including a collection of her take on the “Tree of Life”. Recently her ballerina pieces have been very well received. Seasonally the holiday themes for Christmas are popular, and of course Halloween pumpkins and witches are usually popular in Autumn.

Hazel is completely self-taught. She has an array of tools she uses for painting, including specialist encaustic heat tools, some of which her husband has adapted so that she may paint tiny details. She loves what she does for a living with her artistry. She’s very happy to know that her work resides in so many little homes around the world. She still gets excited with every creation she completes. The huge amount of sales in her Etsy shop speaks volumes about her loyal customers love of her miniature paintings. Very few people are selling at the volume that Hazel can claim, and this speaks to her originality and exquisite art form that she has mastered, as well as to the customer loyalty base that she has built.

Following her dream

Hazel has been successfully practicing her business dream for seven years now. Once she discovered this art form was exactly what she desperately wanted to have more time to explore, she followed her heart and her passion.

I remember a few years back when I was working in corporate America. There was not one person in our business who was happy with the work they were doing. We liked the salary, but the work could often be mind-numbing. Since joining IGMA and meeting so many wonderful people in this miniature world of ours, I have met so many who tell me how they LOVE their work. The ability to create something that other people admire must feel wonderful. Hazel is one woman who pursued her dream and she definitely knows how wonderful it is to have found what you were meant to do.

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