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Art In Wax : Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield

Art Display :: Posted by: Hazel on February 10th, 2012

Art Display : Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, and what we all like or dislike about art is the same – individual and personal choice.
rose lavender paintings on display stands
How we display our art is also a personal choice, as an Artist married to a keen photographer our home has lots of artwork displayed. We have framed pieces of art, we have framed photographs on the wall and free standing we also have several display stands in varying sizes on which I display some of my encaustic pieces.

How we display our Art

When purchasing art either online or in a shop, knowing how and where a piece will be placed is often an important part of the decision as to what we buy.

This post shows how some of my encaustic art paintings could be placed on a display easel, the image below are all A4 size paintings arranged on a Winsor and Newton Brent Table Easel which I recently bought online at Fred Aldous, not expensive and looks great on our book case. I also have several smaller display easels ideal for the A6 and A5 size paintings and even a few mini ones for the ACEO’s.

Display Easels : An Alternative to hanging pictures

When displaying my encaustic paintings on a display easel or stand I use only paintings that have been hard backed, due to the natural of the material; wax, they need to be rigid to avoid damage to the artwork. All of my paintings for sale online come either mounted ready to frame or backed with a 2mm backing board, which can either then be mounted and framed or displayed on a stand.

Use Art as home décor accessories : Add interesting touches and talking points

The paintings look great on the display easels another advantage of displaying art in this way is it is movable, no need to drill holes in the walls etc. and to maintain the sheen can occasionally have a light dust with a clean cloth. The smaller pieces (6 x 4) either on a small or mini easel can make great home décor accessories adding interest as an alternative to ornaments.

When people see pieces of my artwork in our home or when they have received one as a gift perhaps, the comments and feedback I have had is how amazing it is that such art is created using wax, the colours, texture and wonderful sheen the paintings have needs to be seen to be appreciated in my opinion!
Original Art Roses Dress seascape

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Art in Wax : Encaustic Artist Hazel Rayfield

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