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Miniature Dolls House Landscape Paintings Country Church and Windmills :: Posted by: Hazel on January 14th, 2018

Windmills and Church Landscape Paintings

These are my new miniature landscape paintings, featuring a country church and windmills, these paintings are inspired by our trips to Suffolk and Norfolk, Norfolk has many and varied Windmills, a couple of years ago we were on holiday and saw many of these, some by the Broads such as Horning Mill others set in the fields of this lovely county. These miniatures are for dolls house and miniature collectors and are listed to buy in my Etsy store …..

Dollhouse Windmill painting

Original Art In Miniature

All my miniature paintings are Original art, painted in Encaustic wax paints, the pictures have a lovely depth of colour, texture and sheen.

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Dolls House Furniture Art and Screens :: Posted by: Hazel on April 24th, 2016

Dolls House Art

This month has seen Art In Wax celebrate 5 years of me painting in Encaustic wax.

You can read my story and how I got started painting in hot wax on my website profile page. To celebrate I have been have an Art In Wax promotion on my Etsy store and have had an amazing response with this month seeing more sales of miniature Dolls House Art in a short space of time than ever before.

So as some of these have been sold via Etsy as well as my website store here and via direct sales on Facebook I thought it might be fun to show “some” of the paintings in miniature and screens that have been sold this month (so far) …… these are a few of my favorites 🙂
Hand painted dolls house original art and furniture

These miniature paintings have gone all over the world, to the USA, Canada and Australia plus many staying here in Europe too …..

The Framed Red Poppies and the Art Deco Screen are now in a miniature house in Massachusetts, with the pretty sunflowers in Hawaii and the retro caravan landscape and the framed cottage picture now in new homes in Texas. The beach screen and the seahorse are in a beach themed property and the dresses in a Ladies shop in miniature, with the tiny sunset with palm tree now in a mini artist studio and the blue night screen in a dollhouse in the north of England ….. so I’m told …..

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dolls house cottage landscape painting

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