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Flower Show – Encaustic Art in Wax :: Posted by: Hazel on December 15th, 2012

Flower Show

Encaustic Art Flower Show

I have today created a slide show of some of my flower paintings.

This show is based on a selection of my flower paintings, including some not previously seem online before.

More shows

I will create some more themed shows, for Landscapes and my ACEO collection

What do you think of this slide show?
Please leave me a comment below if you liked this show and if you would like to see more slide shows of Art In Wax.

Thanks for watching.

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Sailing By Hazel Rayfield :: Posted by: Hazel on October 22nd, 2012

Seascape with sailing boats encaustic art

Sailing : A Seascape

Painting Boats in hot wax – new video demonstration

This new seascape painting started out as a demonstration for my youtube channel, following a suggestion from a fellow encaustic painter Dallas, of Abounding Treasures in Canada who saw one of my boating seascape paintings on the Etsy website and having already watch a couple of my encaustic art video demonstrations, commented that it would be good to see how I painted a boat in hot wax.

I have been waiting for an idea to come for a new video, we have such fun making these short films but thinking of a subject is difficult so when this suggest came I thought I would run with it and this is the resulting painting.

How I paint a sail boat ……

Watch me paint on You Tube

You can watch me paint part of this picture on my youtube channel : Sailing Boats.

We could only show part of the painting in this demonstration, which is nearly 6 minutes in length and one of the longer films we have made. It took a lot longer to complete the painting than would have been practical to film. Many of my paintings take several hours to complete depending on the size and detail involved.

This demonstration is based on the sail boat part of the picture, I then added the shadows giving the reflection of the sails in the water, added a small dingy to the foreground and some grassy beach as the land. I used some bronze and gold wax in the beach which gives just a little more shimmer to the painting.

Adding detail

It is always hard to know where to stop with a painting I find, I could have carried on with this picture, adding detail to the horizon and creating more depth to the water and waves, perhaps adding some birds in the sky or a fence in the foreground, but it is also sometimes wise to stop and keep it simple …….

Painting for sale

Many of my paintings are for sale, why not contact me for details to see if this painting is still available or visit my shops : Art In Wax – buy direct from the Artist : Via Folksy UK Handmade Retail Outlet : Via Etsy International Handmade and Art Market Place

What do you think ?

Have you watched the video? How to paint a sail boat in hot wax

What did you think? is there anything else you would like to see me paint in hot wax?

Why not leave me a comment …….

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Painting a candle in hot wax :: Posted by: Hazel on October 9th, 2012

New Video Demonstration : Painting a candle in hot wax

We have just uploaded a new demonstration video to the Art In Wax You Tube Channel. The channel has been open since January this year when Adrian and I produced our first short film of me painting a Rose in hot wax and has had lots of views and interest. The channel now has five films of me painting in Encaustic wax.

Latest Encaustic Art Video

The latest film demonstration is a candle painting. With the festive season approaching I thought it would be fun to create a short film of this subject as it would make a fun little Christmas card.

The painting is an A6 size, on gloss card using red and gold wax to create the candle giving it a shine, then purple and yellow wax for the base and the candle wick and flame, together with some gold wax for highlight on the dripping wax that runs down the candle giving it a realistic look of flowing wax.

Expanding The Channel

We have great fun creating these short movies, the outtakes (now in the recycle bin!) while making this one in particular film were very funny as once I got the giggles it was hard to concentrate on the wax ….. so we had to have a few takes with this one!
Encaustic Candle
More You Tube demonstrations are planned soon, showing some more techniques and how I like to paint in Encaustic.

More hot wax candles!

The painting shown here with the pine cones is another picture created while filming, this was one from the outtakes ……..

Christmas Card – last year we used one of my artworks to create our Christmas card, view that picture on the Christmas Candle blog post from last year.

Join Art In Wax

Why not subscribe to the Art In Wax Channel to be first to see the latest uploads.

If you enjoyed this demonstration and would like to leave me a comment or have a suggestion of another subject you would like me to show that would be great.

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How to add finishing touches to Artwork :: Posted by: Hazel on September 20th, 2012

Finishing Touches : Hot Wax Artwork

Finishing Touches : What a difference it makes!

Its amazing how the finishing touches really do make a difference.

I have been painting for many years now and working with Encaustic Hot Wax since 2011 and one thing I have learnt the hard way is about “over doing” a painting, I haven’t learnt this lesson well and still don’t know when to stop and many pieces find their way into my recycle pile because I didn’t know when to stop and the painting becomes, muddy or too cluttered for my liking.

With all types of art and medium I feel beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what may be pleasing to me, may not be to you. Likewise, knowing when a painting is done is also very much an indiviual preference.

To a certain degree working with hot wax has many advantages of being able to remelt the wax and make changes, I often change parts of my pictures while working on them, however the wax can mix to the point that the colours become too merged for my taste, or I may add an element to a picture then wish I hadn’t as it distracts from my intended overall effect.

Painting encaustic art can give very spontaneous and beautiful results just by the way the wax flows, but also can be controlled to give required effects and artwork.

Watch me paint on YouTube : New videos uploaded

I have just uploaded two videos to my Art In Wax YouTube channel showing how a few finishing touches can make all the difference to a painting.

See me add some birds to a seascape : just a very short video snipit, we were testing the video on this one but thought I would show it.

And here I show how I add some finishing touches, a fence draws the eye into this Landscape and down to the lake, thus giving the picture depth and a focal point plus I add a couple of birds for good measure.

As you can see I use my encaustic art stylus for these details, it is my favourite tool, I blogged about it earlier this year too : Encaustic Art : Hot wax painting tools Stylus

Encaustic Art By Hazel Rayfield : Online Gallery

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Pink Roses : Valentines Day Flowers :: Posted by: Hazel on January 20th, 2012

Pink Roses

New Paintings in Encaustic Wax

I have been painting a lot of Roses lately, we have recently created two video films of me painting pink roses in encaustic wax they are currently online at youtube which can be view via the Art In Wax You Tube Channel.

Video One : Painting a single stem pink rose, including demonstrating how I create a light coloured background then paint a single stem rose using the encaustic iron.

Video Two : This video demonstration takes a look in more detail, giving a closer view of me painting a rose with rose buds and a leafy stem, it also show more detailing using the encaustic stylus.
pink roses vase painting

Valentines : Say it with flowers

Flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate Valentines Day and giving a gift of flowers in Art gives pleasure that lasts.

Encaustic Paintings, my artwork is created using encaustic wax, the finished paintings have a texture and wonderful sheen, they can be displayed framed or not (if they are to be framed they should be mounted so that the wax doesn’t touch the glass), I also like to display the smaller pieces on small display easels, I get many comments from people who once they see the paintings in real life say how the online pictures don’t capture the sense of sheen and texture as they really are.

Original Art : Rose Paintings On Sale

Direct from the artist :
The Art In Wax online shop now has this brand new Rose painting for sale, this painting features a vase of beautiful pink roses in a silver vase and can purchased online direct from me the artist. Please visit the shop page for details.
Online Outlet Store
Another recent Rose painting is also online for sale via one of my outlet stores at

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