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Dolls’ House and Miniature Art New Look for 2018 :: Posted by: Hazel on January 5th, 2018

A Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my visitors and followers …. I wish you all the best for 2018

Dolls’ House and Miniature Art New for 2018 from Hazel Rayfield

Dollhouse Paintings and Miniature Art

Last year was an amazing year for my dolls house and miniature art, with paintings going to more and new destinations across the world than before and it was a year for new subjects and themes, together with lots of challenges with commissions and projects. It was also a year where I sold more paintings than ever before and with nearly all of these being my miniature dolls house art, miniature original art screens and miniature ACEO art card collectible art.

Painting Dollhouse and Miniature Art in Encaustic is my Passion

Painting Encaustic has been my passion for many years and painting in miniature is really where my heart lays, I have in fact painted miniature art from the early days of working in this wonderful medium – painting Art In Wax (Encaustic Hot Wax Painting) however, over the past 4 / 5 years these miniature pieces of art have taken over from my larger paintings, which I only occasionally paint nowadays. I do still paint larger on request and several of my miniature collectors own larger pieces of my art, which I am happy to paint for them.

Changing the look Art In Wax

With this in mind I have decided to make some small changes to my logo and bring the Dolls’ and Miniature Art more into the branding of Art In Wax.

It is only a small change but I really feel it is appropriate to bring the miniaturist side of my art more to the front in this way, so as you can see at the top of my blog here the banner has changed, as has the banner for my website, Facebook pages and my Miniature Art Etsy store. As time goes by I will be changing my stationary and making small changes to the website, just to bring the focus more towards the miniature art I am creating and my part as a miniaturist artist.

miniaturist hazel rayfield

What do you think ?

Please leave me a comment below

Thanks Hazel

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New Original Miniature dollhouse Art :: Posted by: Hazel on December 27th, 2017

All New Original Miniature Dollhouse Art

New Original Miniature dollhouse Art By Hazel Rayfield

These are my latest miniature paintings which I have now listed in my Etsy store today.

I have been painting this new miniatures over the past month ready to list online after the holidays so today they are now live and for sale. I ship worldwide from Southend England.

Some new subjects are included such as the surfer seascapes, plus the northern lights aurora borealis, ice skaters in a winter landscape and my cottage paintings are proving very popular and I do love paintings these and of course the fantasy fairies.

Dolls House paintings by Hazel Rayfield

To see more please pop over to Art In Wax on Etsy and don’t forget I paint commissions too. So if you like one of my paintings that is now sold, then why not commission a piece of my art, all my Art In Wax is original art, I don’t do copies / reproductions.

Miniature collectible pieces of art – NOT suitable for children

My art is all original and painted using encaustic paints on specialist card supports.

Easels and accessories NOT included

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Surfs Up miniature dollhouse surfing seascape art :: Posted by: Hazel on December 20th, 2017

Surfs Up !!!

These are my latest miniature paintings, painted today in fact. My husband, Adrian gave me the idea of a surfing theme, he loves to challenge me and so this is what I’ve come up with.
Dollhouse surf seascape art

Surfers Beach

Surfers beach, is a miniature seascape painted in encaustic wax paints, as always. Shown here in a white frame 3 x 4 inches, the picture has a surfer on the waves, spare surf boards on the beach and the surfers van parked under the tree.

Could this be California or Cornwall ?

Sunset Surf boards

A 2 x 2 inch miniature sunset painting with an array for surf boards on the beach, the sun setting over the sea and palm trees in silhouette….

These beach scene dollhouse paintings would be great in a miniature property, beach hut, seaside retreat or Malibu Beach house maybe ?

These and other new miniature paintings can also been seen on my Facebook page..

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Chocolate Box Miniature Original Art Cottage Paintings :: Posted by: Hazel on November 26th, 2017

Chocolate Box Art

Pretty Landscapes with a Traditional Feel

Sometimes a traditional or pretty scene of landscape catches your eye and you think, arrrrhh that’s like a picture from a chocolate box. But then maybe I’m showing my age !!

I just googles it and ….

And wiki tells me ……

Chocolate box art originally referred literally to decorations on chocolate boxes. Over the years, however, the terminology has changed; it is now applied broadly as an often pejorative term to describe paintings and designs that are overly idealistic and sentimental.

quote via :

Pink Cottage and Pond Cottage

Dolls House Paintings for sale on Art In Wax

dolls house cottage chocolate box art

These two pretty Dolls house paintings are now for sale via my website Miniature Dollhouse Art Shop

They are shown here on display in my own 1:12 miniature property The Gallery, my own little art gallery.

When buying direct from this my ART In Wax website the prices on include Free UK postage. International orders please ask for postage costs.

Original #miniature #dollhouse Art Painted using encaustic hot wax paints.
Miniature collectible pieces of art – NOT suitable for children

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